Thursday, December 29, 2011


1" button that I reproduced from this book originally published in 1917

I make one inch buttons and magnets reproduced from vintage ephemera from my extensive collection of books and what not that i have been accumulating throughout the years. When I sell my pins i am occasionally asked about a particular design and what inspires it. Once I found a book abandoned on the street. It was John Martin's Annual from 1917. "A jolly big book for little folks." I could not believe my luck. The book is huge. Almost 400 pages. The spine was torn but what was within was unbelievable to me. So wonderful. One of the buttons I reproduced form this fantastic tome was a great cat illustration from the story "Whiskers and how the cat got them." Just a small taste of how great this book is.  Here is the three page story of "Whiskers and how the cat got them" for your enjoyment along with the book cover and the bonus page "The Veg-E-Table Man."

                               You can see more in my Etsy shop.

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  1. Oh boy, Brandan better watch out. I think I might leave him for the Veg-E-Table Man!

    Emily K.